A caustic yet humorous, sarcastic yet awesome, satirical yet special look into the mind of Tucker

A caustic yet humorous, sarcastic yet awesome, satirical yet ... special look into the mind of Tucker

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Reason I ALWAYS Have a Pen Behind My Ear.

I have often been mocked for my pen-behind-the-ear thing. Many a person has ridiculed, tried to steal, or repeatedly tapped the writing utensil reliably and securely fastened in a snug nest of cartilage and mini-hair next to my temple. Many a person has laughed and pointed. MANY a person has tried to hit it with a ninja star William Tell style.

Well, I'm here to tell ya that having a pen constantly available is one of the best things ever, and if anyone else was half as intelligent as I, they would realize the benefits to be reaped by keepin' a boligrafo (spanish for pen) handy. Or eary.

So it's a Tuesday night, and we decide we need to go the the creamery.  Just four dudes, sauntering over to the local grocery store to get some food (Pastaroni, Swiss Rolls and frozen pizzas populated every basket. It seems we would all die without Western Family)

We were perusing the aisles, preparing to check out when we look over at the registers, and there stands 6'3 of pure testosterone.  It practically bled out of his 5 o'clock shadow (which was significant) and as we all glanced in awe, Riley wondered...

"Is that........ HUGH JACKMAN?????????????"

While the rest of us thought...

"Is that.... BYU basketball star Logan Magnusson ??????"

I was fairly sure it was him, but my roommates weren't quite as convinced. Especially Riley, who was still convinced Wolverine was right in front of him. As such, Josh had to go up to the pretty woman with him while his back was turned and inquired as to who the man was.

Good news folks, it was him. Logan Magnusson in the flesh.

The guys immediately flipped out and stared at him.  I am much more composed, and don't do such things. I'm pretty much looking at anything but him, because I am smooth like that.

So we're waiting in line behind manly man and attractive lady, and Josh is trying to get up the courage to ask for an autograph.

The only problem is he has no paper, and no pen. Well, good news again! Tucker has a pen!!! It's been behind his ear crevice all the day long! Bad news.......... no paper behind the left ear.  So Josh saunters up to Logan with nothing to write on...

He asks him contritely, "Can I have your autograph on my goldfish package?

To which he responded with a


I woulda thought a member of BYU's best basketball team ever would be better under pressure.

He walked out of the grocery store hand-in-hand with the attractive lady he was with, and as soon as he was out of earshot, Josh started giggling like a schoolgirl, showing his prize to everyone in line.

The Goldfish will not be eaten, but instead hung up on our kitchen wall forever.

I would like to point out that NONE of the autographing would've happened, save the resourcefulness of Tucker Denton and his bookstore pen.


  1. Captain Riker is perfect! Great story. Hope they let you take that boligrafo through airport security on the way to NYC.

  2. Score! A point for Tucker! I have always liked the pen :)

  3. Oh Tuck, I love your story telling. It cracks me up.

    Also what cracks me up....that anyone cares to get some college basketball players autograph. Really? But GOOD THING you had that pen.

  4. I have pen and paper with me at all times... It's called a planner. :) I win.